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Jeannie and Jon

Jeanie and Jon together in old coat

Today, Jeannie and Jon are able to both wear Jon's old coat thanks to the weight lost on the OPTIFAST program.


Jeanie before weight lossJeanie after weight-loss

Jeannie before OPTIFAST                  Jeannie after OPTIFAST



Jon before weight-lossJon after weight-loss

Jon before OPTIFAST                        Jon after OPTIFAST

WOW! Look at us now! These words have a completely different meaning this year than last year.

At a holiday party last year, the hostess took pictures of each couple attending. The hostess gave each couple their picture. WOW—Who were these people in the picture? Did the hostess mess up and give us the wrong picture? This can’t be the couple that married 25 years ago! We both weighed 70 pounds more than when we married.

Shortly after the picture incident, Jon found out he was pre-diabetic. This was not good news as Jon was already taking medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Now with Jon being pre-diabetic, it was time for a change.

We found out about OPTIFAST from a friend who had success losing weight through the program. By doing research online and attending the informational meeting, we discovered the program is a medically-supervised program–which was important to us. In addition, we found out you’re a member of the program for life. OPTIFAST seemed like a better fit for us than surgery.

Together we started the program in June 2009. We met with the staff at Mercy on a weekly basis and attended the weekly classes on behavior and diet modification to learn about eating healthy. Everyone on staff at Mercy was very supportive. They celebrated our weight loss and provided encouragement to us. We learned that losing weight is not a one-time commitment and to be successful we needed to make changes to our lifestyle. The changes we needed to make included exercising, being more active, and being aware of what we were eating and how much we were eating.

Going through the program together was great as we could support each other and change our lifestyle together. We joined a gym and exercise together. Jon stated he couldn’t have done the program without me. Partnering together made going thru the OPTIFAST program easier. We even went on vacation during the 12-week program! Our son, family members and friend were very supportive of our lifestyle changes we were making.

Now, we look more like the couple who married 25 years ago! Jon has stopped taking his high blood pressure medication and I stopped taking high cholesterol medication. In addition, the medication for my underactive thyroid has been decreased as the exercise has helped my underactive thyroid. We both have more energy and feel great! We even volunteered to rake senior citizen yards this fall, which before losing weight was something we wouldn’t have been able to do.

We are very happy with our weight loss results and the lifestyle changes we have made. This year we’re happy to say: WOW! Look at us now!


OPTIFAST patient Dennis beforeOPTIFAST patient Dennis after

Before OPTIFAST             After OPTIFAST

When Dennis Lane started the OPTIFAST® program in May 2008, his first priority was to lose weight. Since starting the program, Dennis, a retiree, has lost more than 70 pounds. Although his waistline has shrunk, his wallet has actually gotten thicker thanks to saving money on medications, doctor co-pays and groceries.   

Before starting the OPTIFAST program and losing weight, Dennis was taking eight medications daily to treat his Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. By losing weight in a safe, medically-supervised program, Dennis improved his blood pressure from 138/92 to 114/60.

“My current blood pressure is in the ‘normal range’ and doesn’t require me to take medication to help regulate it,” says Dennis. He has also been able to control his Type-2 diabetes by losing weight. Today, under medical supervision, Dennis is not required to use insulin to regulate his blood glucose.  He also improved his cholesterol levels drastically, which now require him to take a fraction of the cholesterol medication he was taking before his weight-loss.

“Although I’m still on medication for cholesterol, in addition to two other prescriptions, I am now able to purchase generic brands of my prescriptions for $4 a month—something I wasn’t able to do before my weight-loss,” says Dennis.

Another cost-savings that Dennis has been able to enjoy is not seeing his doctor as frequently. Before his weight-loss, he was seeing his primary care provider once every five weeks, which is now decreased to once every three to four months, saving him $25 per co-pay. Since losing the weight, Dennis and his wife have both decreased the quantity of food that they consume, lowering their grocery bill.  



Christine before OPTIFAST   Christine after OPTIFAST

Before OPTIFAST: April 2008               After OPTIFAST: Oct. 2008


bob bob_after

"I used the OPTIFAST® program because I wanted to lose weight with the support of a structured program. I found that not only was the program structured but it was about lifestyle changes and how I need to change my lifestyle to keep the weight I lost off.  We met every week and they gave me lots of support and information on life style changes.

I now have the information I need to be be aware of what and how much I should eat. I feel better; I started running and sleep better. I love it every time somebody comes up to me and tells me how good I look and they ask me “how did you lose all of that weight?”  I also enjoy it when somebody asks me how much did you lose and I can say that I lost 80 pounds."


Steve_Clark_after"I first sought out the OPTIFAST® program at Mercy Weight Loss & Nutrition Center in a desire to improve my health and fitness—which I have surpassed. I found the medical advice, counseling, and life-changing plans to benefit me in over a 70-pound weight loss—which has resulted in almost a total reduction of medications that I was prescribed for problems associated with my weight. I believe the guidance given to me by the doctors, nurses, dietitians and counselors has permanently changed my lifestyle and improved my health. This program will improve your health and your outlook on life. I have regained a level of energy that I thought was gone forever and improved my sleep at night. I would encourage anyone seeking to improve his or her health and/or weight reduction to contact the Mercy Weight Loss & Nutrition Center."

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