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Pediatric Neurosurgery

John Gachiani

John Gachiani, M.D.

Dr. John Gachiani has recently joined the Mercy Neurosurgery practice at Mercy Medical Center – Des Moines as the only fellowship trained pediatric neurosurgeon in the state of Iowa. Dr. Gachiani is now accepting pediatric patients, who will be seen at the Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic. Pediatric neurosurgery care and consultation includes:

• Craniofacial
• Hydrocephalus
• Neuroendoscopy – minimally invasive surgery
• Congenital Malformations
• Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome
• Epilepsy Surgery
• Neuro-trauma
• Intraventricular Hemorrhage (IVH)
• Chiari Malformation
• Spinal Trauma
• Brain Tumors
• Spinal Tumors
• Vascular Malformation-AVM
• Moya-Moya

Dr. Gachiani is also available for prenatal consultations for congenital cranial and spinal malformations.

(515) 247-3121
1111 6th Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50314

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