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Mercy Wound Treatment Center

The Mercy Wound Treatment Center helps patients with chronic wounds that have not responded to traditional treatment due to diabetespressure ulcers, circulatory problems, burns or injury.

The center includes a comprehensive staff of experts in a number of fields and is equipped with the latest technology that can accelerate the healing process, reduce the risk for infection and help patients avoid hospitalization.

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Wound Care Services

Common wounds treated:

  • Skin ulcers usually caused by inadequate blood flow or nerve problems often associated with diabetes
  • Traumatic crush injuries
  • Sores that develop on arms and legs due to inadequate blood flow
  • Wounds caused by surgical incisions that do not heal properly
  • Skin ulcers or sores that develop from other health complications
  • Wounds that develop over tissue that has previously received radiation treatment
  • Venous ulcers
  • Pouching and other skin-related issues related to ostomies

What to expect

At your first visit, your wound will be thoroughly assessed  and you may undergo tests to diagnose the cause of your wounds. Your team of wound treatment specialists will study test results and develop a treatment plan. As your treatment progresses, the team will continue to assess your wounds and adjust your plan of care, as needed.

Working with your physician

Throughout your treatment, we work closely with your primary care physician. After your initial visit, your physician will receive a report outlining your diagnosis and planned treatment. Mercy Wound Treatment Center team members will send periodic reports to your physician to ensure he or she is continually aware of your progress.

Making an appointment

If you have a slow-healing wound that needs attention, you may schedule an appointment or ask your primary care physician to setup a visit. If you have questions about your wound, please call our staff to determine if an appointment is appropriate. Before your first visit to the center, we recommend that you review your insurance benefits or contact your insurance provider to determine if you need to pre-certify for treatment.

About Us

Every patient’s health is unique and each person responds differently to treatment. This is why our treatment team includes medical professionals from a variety of specialties—including physicians, podiatrists, wound, ostomy and continence nurses, physical and occupational therapists, dieticians, diabetes professionals and hyperbaric medicine specialists.

Patient benefits include:

  • Development of an individualized treatment plan
  • Physicians at the Mercy Wound Treatment Center collaborate with patients’ primary care physicians to treat other complications—such as diabetes—that may hinder the healing process
  • Access to the latest technologies, such as bio-engineered tissues and vacuum assisted closures
  • Most services covered by Medicare

Patient Comments

Read what some of our patients are saying about the Mercy Wound Treatment Center:

Calming experience
"Each visit is pleasant and calming for my daughter." Sara's Mom

Completely understood my care plan
"All of the employees have a way of making you very comfortable in the surroundings. I left each appointment with a complete understanding of what would be expected of me in regards to my care." Kathy

Caring staff
"Wonderful caring staff, especially my provider." Raymond

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